Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am in recession(a cuckold's song)

I am really in recession
Despite Big Money in possesion
my life is falling apart
it's chilly fall in my heart
the leaves are falling,falling
it's a lot appallng
if you knew what got me wrong
you would say,man,be strong
I ain't made of stone and wood
it's pure flesh and blood
the mother of my twin baby girls
is seeing somebody else
don't tell me not to cry
it's gonna be a sad story


  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading that piece, keep your head up and keep writing. I like how your words flow.
    I also have a new blog at, stop by when you get a chance and feel free to leave a message.

    Continuted success!!
    Donielle Smith

  2. I adore you, what a wonderful poem! Dark and unnatural, but perfectly delicate. You are lovely, and your blog is lovely. Please, darling, stop by for tea sometime. I would love your feedback.

    Afternoon Tea: