Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am in recession(a cuckold's song)

I am really in recession
Despite Big Money in possesion
my life is falling apart
it's chilly fall in my heart
the leaves are falling,falling
it's a lot appallng
if you knew what got me wrong
you would say,man,be strong
I ain't made of stone and wood
it's pure flesh and blood
the mother of my twin baby girls
is seeing somebody else
don't tell me not to cry
it's gonna be a sad story

Saturday, March 28, 2009


A factory's smoking chimney
has pierced the innocent hymen
of my serene village sky
the growlings of this factory 
resound in my ears like
the lustful cries of a rapist
this seducer's stinking semen 
has polluted the pure lotus pond
of my innocent little girl 
from now on she will give birth 
to those retarded children
those pea brains
those disabled bastards
but you can suffer if only
you have a mind
we are lucky in that respect
arn't we pals?